November 26, 2012

Food Web's Worksheet

Food Web
Food Web: The transfer of food energy from producers to consumers to decomposers.

This diagram of a simple food web shows the transfer of food energy from producers to consumers to decomposers.

The orange arrows point to the organisms doing the eating.

1. What are the the stages that form a food web
A) Producers
B) Primary Consumers
C) Secondary Consumers
a) Draw arrows below to show the food web between
the frog, the mosquito, the snake, the mouse, the owl

b) how is the food web continued when the owl dies?
The decomposers will decompose it and become part of the earth then will help the producers.

2. What is the butterfly’s food source?
It’s food source is terrestrial and salt marsh plants.

3. What does each stage in the food web provide the next stage?
It provides energy.

4. Fill in the word or words that will make each sentence a true statement.
a) A food web starts with energy from the producers.
b) Butterflies seek energy from flowers, making the butterflies a consumer and the flowers a producer.
c) Nutrients from decomposed plants and animals go back into the food web to be used again by producers.
d) The transfer of food energy from one source to another in stages is called food chain.

5. Make a food web below or in a separate Drawing Document by using arrows and showing the sun, grass, dairy cows, two common dairy products, a man, a cat and a mouse.

The set of interacting populations of organisms that live in a specific area and share common sources of energy is called a community.

1. Label each of these organisms in the illustration above.
cattails frog snail arrowhead water lily turtle sunfish giant water bug catfish water snake

A. Cattails
B. Water Lily
C. Frog

D. Arrowhead
E. Giant Water Bug

F. Snail
G. Sunfish
H. Turtle
I. Catfish
J. Snake


Water LilyGiant water bug


3. Arrange these organisms in order of a food chain: Frog, Fly, Dragonfly, Snake
Fly → Dragonfly → Frog → Snake

4. What is the likely food source for the tiny pond water crustaceans?
Algae and water lillies.

5. What is a characteristic of pond edge plants?
Their roots are in the soils of the earth.

6. Name some other plants and animals that might be in a pond community?

Ducks, algae, mosquitoes

A Forest Community
1. Label the following animals in the forest community show above.
ground squirrel mouse fox woodpecker centipede
box turtle snail
A. Woodpecker
B. Centipede
C. Fox
D. Ground Squirrel
E. Snail
F. Mouse
G. Box Turtle
2. Give examples from the forest community of each of the following.
a) producers= trees, grass
b)consumers= woodpeckers, box turtles
c)decomposers= centipedes

3. List 3 organisms show above that might be members of a food chain
centipedes, woodpeckers, fox

4. If a toxic chemical were spilled in the forest, how might the organisms be affected?
The organisms may be affected by making the producers unable to photosynthesize so the consumers won’t be able to do their jobs and transfer their energy to the consumers.

5. Briefly describe how each of these environmental factors affect this community.

a) temperature= The temperature may be too cold, making the soils. If it’s too cold or too cold, some species may die. and trees unable to grow and provide the energy they need to.

b) water= If all the species in a community relied on the water to survive, it may be a limiting factor.
Relationships in Ecosystems
1. Match the following terms to their definitions by writing the term in the column A in the space next to the appropriate definition in column B.

Column A Column B
a) consumer D= eats only plant materials
b) carnivore E= causes breakdown of dead bodies
c) producer F= eats both plants and animals
d) herbivore A= eats producers
e) decomposer B= eats only animals
f) omnivore C= manufactures food using sunlight

2. What is a food chain?
A food chain is a step-by-step sequence linking organisms that feed on each other. Linear.
3. Arrange the following organisms to make food chains.
a) white-tailed deer, spruce tree, wolf
spruce tree, white tailed deer, wolf

b) owl, wheat kernels, mouse
wheat kernels, mouse, owl

4. What is the difference between a food chain and a food web?
The difference is the food chain has 1 path which shows which animals eat each other. The food web shows how the plants interact with all the different producers.

5. Draw a food chain of at least three steps that includes humans.

6. Using an example, explain what a food pyramid demonstrates.
A food pyramid demonstrates all the organisms and their trophic levels. For example: Grains= 1st trophic level, Worms= 2nd trophic level, Chickens= 3rd trophic level, Humans=4th trophic level

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